The UK is considering vaccinating people over 70 with a third dose of the vaccine. The trial will begin in September.

Perhaps in September, hospital staff and people over 70 in the UK will receive their third dose Vaccines against Covid-19. This scenario was predicted by Boris Johnson’s government, and the Daily Telegraph reported the plans. The third dose will be given 10 months after receiving the second dose. Both Pfizer and Moderna are exploring Possibility of producing a third dose of their vaccines if the current two doses are proven to be ineffective for any of the new emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants.

In Great Britain, they are vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Comirnaty. The Moderna vaccine will also be used soon (probably from April). To date, more than 33 million doses of vaccines have been distributed in the UK. Nearly 45 percent of the population is vaccinated with the first dose, but less than 5 percent are fully vaccinated. Great Britain, unlike, say, Poland, adopted a strategy of rapid vaccination of all. In Poland, where 5.2% of the entire population is vaccinated, after vaccination with the first dose, the second dose is automatically secured on the second date

The third dose of the vaccine is also provided to its residents by the United Arab Emirates. However, it is a small group of people whose immune response to giving two doses of Sinopharm is weaker.