Alex Espargaro admitted he was really exhausted after the first half of the MotoGP season. The Spanish opponent, for the first time in his career, felt what it was like to fight for a championship title. The Aprilia rider is unexpectedly the runner-up, although for a moment he was in the lead, he was also in the standings.

Espargaro won the race in Argentina, but he also stood on the podium four times in a row. It was only twice out of the top five. He is 21 points behind pioneer Fabio Quartararo, although he has already had such “adventures” as incorrectly counting laps and starting the celebration too early in Barcelona, ​​as well as a crazy chase in Assen almost from the end of the competition to fourth place.

“Honestly, I am very tired. Completely exhausted.” – Espargaro admitted at the end of the first half of the season. “I need to rest. Maybe not five weeks, but mentally especially, this year is completely different for me. I’d say it’s normal, I’m fighting for the title after all. But when I watched a movie with my son in my fast house, I was So tired “.

“I went to bed at 9:00 p.m. so I really need to reset my brain to shut down. Now I’m glad I said I wanted to go on vacation with less than 1 race point late. I lost 21 stitches. So I’m going to keep pushing Fabio” . – added.

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Alex Espargaro will start the second half of the season with a guarantee of the future – in May he signed a contract with Aprilia for two consecutive seasons. MotoGP returns to racing on August 7, when the British Grand Prix takes place at Silverstone.