“Ranch” was broadcast on TVP1 from 2006 to 2016 (with a one-year break in 2011), and from December 16 all 10 seasons can be watched on Netflix. TVP hit distribution is another contract influence with Netfliks, where previously, among others, “Zink”, “War Girls” or “Love Sanitarium”. Cesare Shack, who plays two major roles in “Rancz,” noticed that Netflix had announced his series with the description … “Harry Potter”.

Chuck posted a picture on Instagram that documented a curious mistake in describing “Ranches,” saying: “Harry ignores Dobby who warns him not to return to Hogwarts. Instead, he is investigating a series of mysterious attacks with Ron and Hermione.”

This is, of course, a description of the 2002 movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, which is also available on Netflix.

“I wonder who plays Dobby? What do you think?” – ak commented, noting the features of his “Rancza” teammates: Ilona Ostrowska, Bogdan Kalus, and Piotr Ligienza.

Let us remind you that although the Netflix premiere of “Ranches” should be enjoyed by the series’ actors and creators due to increased publicity, this popularity does not translate into additional earnings.

Screenwriter Jerzy Nimchuk relied on US company revenues. But his hopes were soon suppressed. “Unfortunately, Netflix pays like streaming platforms, and that means almost nothing” – commented Anna Jurksztowicz, author of the song “It’s Just Dreams” from the final credits.

Sonya Bohosiewicz on Actresses Pay. “We are 1/3 below”

“Netfilx does not pay royalties. They say they are broadcasting from the states and this does not apply to them” – added Editor Piata Barsis.

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– I’m just curious if Netflix is ​​also paying royalties to American, English or Scandinavian actors. On the other hand, there are Polish TV stations that pay us such ridiculous royalties that whether Netflix pays us 50 jerseys or zlotys for returns, like those stations I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter to me much – Bogdan Kalus said “Super Express”.