EC, who supervises Relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom, He mentioned London’s reluctance to participate in it Negotiation Concerning the Protocol Governing Trade Agreements Enacted by Northern Ireland House of Commons Protocol Act Undermining the spirit of cooperation.

As noted by Reuters, the decision increases to seven the number of “infringement claims” initiated by the European Commission UK fails to respect trade aspects for Northern Ireland In a divorce agreement on Britain’s exit from the European Union Agreed upon by both parties.

The UK could face fines

Actions may lead to imposition by European Court of Justice for Financial Sanctions, Although this is unlikely to happen for at least a year.

London has proposed canceling some checks on merchandise and Challenge the role of TSUE in deciding on the part of the post-Brexit agreement agreed between the EU and the UK,” as Reuters notes.

The agreement is designed to avoid the re-imposition of border controls between Northern Ireland and Ireland, a member of the European Union.

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accusations from the european commission

The European Commission accused the UK of Fr. Non-compliance with customs requirements For goods moving from Northern Ireland to the UK, EU rules on excise duty and customs duties do not change alcohol and failure to implement EU e-commerce sales tax rules.

European Commission The government of Great Britain gave Two months to respond.

Łukasz Osiński from Brussels