British actress Lena Headey has become one of the favorites of “Game of Thrones” fans in recent years. However, her career was not easy, mainly due to the vengeful tendency of Harvey Weinstein, whom she turned down due to immoral offers. Now serial Cersei Lannister has faced a more serious problem. The UK-based agency Troika (since 2020 called YMU) sued her for $1.5 million. That’s a lot of money, and in the real world, Headey could not use a loan from the Iron Bank of Braavos. Only, did the actress really commit a scam?

As I mentioned Diverse portalTroika/YMU accuses Lena Headey of failing to pay thousands of dollars in commission to the agency she joined in 2005. In the lawsuit brought by the company, we can read that the star is “on hold” with them for three productions. The film revolves around “Thor: Love and Anger”, “9 Bullets” and the series “Rita”. According to YMU, Lena Headey should give the agency 7 percent. His earnings for appearing in a production of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (no less than $500,000), plus $300,000. For “9 shots” and 650 thousand. For a title ordered by Showtime. In addition, the company demands money for the termination of the contract and to cover the costs of litigation by the other party. The actress denies the accusations.

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