A Thursday in London was in no way reminiscent of those days in the late spring of 2020 when, as part of the first lockdown lifting, the first inconvenient shops opened, followed by pubs and restaurants. At that time, there were already long queues in front of the shops in the malls, and it was difficult to find a place in the pub without prior reservation.

The slight difference that the restrictions were lifted on Thursday is due to two factors. First, they have been moderates in England lately. The British government, which is responsible for healthcare in England only, has primarily responded to the Omikron variant of the coronavirus by accelerating the administration of booster doses of vaccines.

As for the limitations, he was limited to introducing “Plan B”, which was an extension of the commitment wear masks For almost all enclosed public places, Recommending working from home and entering Covid certificates As a condition of entry to nightclubs and group events over a certain number of participants. Since the recommendation to work from home had already been withdrawn earlier, only masks and certificates were the only changes.

But although the commitment is canceled from top to bottom, mass event organizers are allowed Certifications are still required, shop owners or service points – wearing masks. Some of them do. A few days ago, the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain was the first to announce that it would be ordering customers to They are still wearing masks In stores, then most of its competitors did.

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In addition, the London authorities reported that Face masks will remain required on public transport in the capital. Although it hasn’t been adhered to or enforced as it was during the covid closures in both stores and public transportation, this is the second reason there aren’t much changes on Thursday.

Furthermore, not having to wear masks doesn’t mean they are gone. Some people wear it Of my choice – even walking in the streetwhich was not wanted in England. The scene does not appear to be less frequent on Thursday than on Wednesday or Tuesday.