Although the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne does not fall until next year, the celebrations have begun today. It was opened by the Queen herself and her son Prince Charles. The Queen, who began her reign on February 6, 1952, decides to do something good for the climate in Great Britain for next year’s jubilee – she wants to rally the British to plant millions of trees across the country. The first was planted with Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth, her son, and Crown Prince Charles have planted acorns in the gardens surrounding Windsor Castle. There wouldn’t be anything extraordinary in that, as they both love to connect with nature, if not for the fact that the tree has a special meaning – it launched a monthly campaign launched by the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, which aims to plant millions of trees across the UK.

The campaign is being held under the slogan “Plant a tree for the jubilee” – as The Queen’s Green Canopy announced on its website – this campaign is one of the most important acts of the royal court organizing the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s reign. Second. In order to convince the British to plant as many trees as possible, the heir to the throne not only planted acorns with the queen, but also made a video. “It is a declaration of hope and belief in our future. Regardless of whether you are a regular person who would like to have a new tree in your garden, belong to a local tree-planting group in the vicinity, a charity or a company intending to plant an entire pathway of trees, anyone can Get involved in this business, “he said in it. Prince Charles also revealed that Elizabeth II planted more than 1500 trees around the world during her reign.

Young tree planting season in the UK runs from October to March so visit Queen’s Green Canopy for detailed advice on how to plan it. The organization recommends choosing trees of these types that can be found in a specific area, and purchasing seedlings from a certified garden nursery. Once the tree is planted, it can be marked on a private property map. Moreover, Queen’s Green Canopy will also create a pilot training program for unemployed 16-24 year-olds who can gain horticulture skills and get a job in planting and subsequently maintaining royal trees.

In addition to promoting the action, The Queen’s Green Canopy plans to highlight 70 of the most beautiful forests across Great Britain and select 70 unique trees that will be featured with special plaques to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. (Life PAP)

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