Subnautica is the next production with the capabilities of PlayStation 5. The game received a custom version, which might be a little surprised by its size and the changes that have been introduced. Check out our graphics comparison.

However, Subnautica is aging They got a version dedicated to PlayStation 5, which PlayStation 4 edition owners can get for free Also users who downloaded production as part of Play at Home promotion.

As it turns out, Subnautica on PlayStation 5 can play at 60 fps at 1080p or 30 fps with frame optimization. During the game, you can choose one of the modes, and below is a specific quality comparison.

However, this is not the end of the positive information regarding the creation of a copy for the new generation of Japanese. Subnautica on PS4 takes about 14GB (carrier + updates), while The version size on the PS5 is only 3.5GB (the full version), which shows that the developers have managed to reduce the weight of files by more than 70%.

The PlayStation 5 still doesn’t have an option to increase disc size, so the news above may satisfy many console owners. There were indeed smaller items on the new Sony device, but we haven’t seen such a big cut yet.