As you endure the physical hardships of a survival sanctuary in the wilderness, imagine this is your first thought: “I need my foundation, I need lip gloss, I need light and contour.” It’s not a survivor, guys. The upcoming Netflix reality series Snowflake Mountain follows a group of Generation Z (and possibly some young millennials) who are tricked into embarking on an outdoor camping expedition in the hopes of empowering them. It will be an unpleasant awakening of the so-called snowflakes.

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Snowflake is described as “a young man who is considered highly emotional, easy to offend, and dramatic.” The contenders will be led by a former military engineer and a former Navy explosives destroyer technician “Back to Basics.”

He’s about to get his true pariah style. Snowflake Mountain is the TikTok generation’s worst nightmare, with fundamental social and political significance. Let’s move on to Snowflake Mountain’s release date.

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Snowflake Mountain on Netflix “has no running water, no parents, and worst of all, no Wi-Fi.” Play the infamous “dun, dun, dun” sound effect. Produced by production company Naked and executive producers Cal Turner and Jo Harcourt-Smith, the series will premiere June 22, 2022 on Netflix.

While many details were not revealed, Netflix stated that there is a “transferable cash prize for the lucky winner” at stake.

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“The UK has a rich history of creating unscripted shows loved around the world – from The Circle to F1: Drive to Survive – and most recently with season two of Too Hot to Handle, which won fans around the world after its June launch,” Netflix in its August 2021 press release, then the platform announced three upcoming reality shows in the UK for Netflix users around the world.

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“The lineup includes a brutal new VFX dance competition that gives talented and aspiring dancers a chance to perform like no other, a reality series that puts a group of young unmarketed people camp in the wild, and a dating show with truly embarrassing returns,” the press release continued.

These shows are titled Dance Monsters, Snowflake Mountain, and Dated and Related respectively. And although Snowflake Mountain is from the UK, it has an international team.

The series was filmed in the Lake District in northwest England, which is famous for its attractions such as the Lake District National Park, Beatrix Potter Hill Top and Castleridge Stone Circle. Lake Windermere, Derwentwater, Ulswater and Bassenthwaite Lake are just a few of the bodies of water that make up the lake district.

The Snowflake Mountain trailer shows the stunned cast members hiking, climbing, chopping down trees, and burning buildings. We pray for those kids suffering from TikTok and Instagram pull-ups.