The latest Twitter storm has broken out about Dr. Dre’s possible return to GT. The American in the past will already appear in the legendary game series and it seems that the collaboration between the musician and Rockstar will continue.

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Dr. Dre making music for GTA?

The return of the rapper will have a slightly different dimension – musical. Dr. Dre is said to be working on new pieces, which won’t ask his question, but for GTA Online Radio mysteries. When are you listening to new music from an ex-NWA member? Most likely in December, because this month a special event is scheduled for GTA Online.

Gwil34 – Travel blogger who met the rapper in Santa Monica, St. United States of America. On Instagram, and under a photo of both gentlemen, gwil34 wrote that Dr. Dre is creating new music, which is the transition to GTA Online.

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The rapper returns to GTA

The potential collaboration between Dr. Dre and Rockstar as part of the online version of Grand Theft Auto is the first. The music of the 56-year-old appears, among other things, in GTA San Andreas. Additionally, his character appears in the DLC Cayo Perico Heist special, where he had a cameo.

For fans of rappers, the extra bits will probably be fun. Dre is a legend in the hip-hop community, best known for songs such as “Still DRE” and “The Next Episode” or in collaboration with, among others, Eminem, The Game’em, 50 Cent or Kendrick Lamar, as well as being a member of the NWA group, However, his last album was released in 2015, so fans can definitely not get the news from him.

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