One of the people who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday was fellow countryman Adam Christian Johnson. The man was photographed smiling while carrying the podium of House announcer Nancy Pelosi. Reuters news agency arrested Johnson on Friday police From Florida and detained in Pinellas County. According to Newsweek, it is not yet clear what exactly he will be charged with, but the action in his case is taking place at the federal level.

During the storming of the Capitol, he was photographed on the Nancy Pelosi stage. Adam Christian Johnson was arrested

After the riots were brought under control, the FBI requested assistance in identifying the most aggressive participants in the event. Johnson has been identified by Bradenton Herald as a 36-year-old Manatee County resident. Also recognized on social media. According to local WFLA news channel 8, the 36-year-old is married with five children.

The station also reported that the arrested person is registered in the voter registry and does not belong to any party.

After the protests on Wednesday Washington More than 50 people have already been charged with criminal charges – in 13 cases they were criminal charges. Among them is Richard Barnett, who is photographed sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s desk with his legs at her desk. After leaving the Capitol, he bragged in front of reporters and posed for a photo with stolen correspondence from a House broadcaster. The 60-year-old was also said to have left a threatening message on Pelosi’s office. Arrested Friday in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was charged with three counts – trespassing, disturbing order on the Capitol and theft of public property.

United States of America. The man who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office has been arrested

Riots in the United States

The U.S. Congress met on January 6 to approve Joe Biden’s victory in the elections presidential. The deliberations stalled because supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol Building. The US President himself encouraged them to “march”. Five people were killed as a result of the riots and 68 were arrested. Politicians accuse Donald Trump of delaying condemnation of the protesters ’actions and even inciting his supporters to aggression.

There are increasing questions in the American media about whether the services response during the storming of Donald Trump supporters is sufficient. Journalists wonder how the riots could not have been prevented and why some officers took pictures with the protesters. There are also comparisons to Protest Black lives matter, as the service response has been more acute, even though protesters have not invaded the Capitol.

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Trump supporters raided the Capitol building

Until January 21, the day after Joe Biden is sworn in President The United States, there is a state of emergency in Washington. Donald Trump has already announced that he will not participate in the opening of the term of his successor.

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