Another treat for fans of The Witcher. The second part of the YouTube book Monsters appeared on Netflix, which introduces us to the monsters that can be found in the universe.

Another part of The Witcher Brutality

If you are interested in monsters that appeared in The Witcher from Netflix, the platform has shown another part of Monsters. And in it we find a lot of information about creatures such as the basilisk or dragon. The material contains a lot of information from the creation process and from various folklore.

See for yourself!

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I mention that Henry CavillAnd the Anya ChalotraAnd the Freya Alan I am Joy Bate They would return to their roles in Season Two of The Witcher. Among the re-enactments of the characters that we have already met, they will also return to their roles: MyAnna Boring In the role of Tessaya, Tom Canton Like Filavandrel, Lily Cooper Like Martha Jeremy Crawford Jaco Yarbin Ziggren Eamon Farren a priest Mahesh Jadu Like Vilgefortz, Terence Maynard Like Artorius, Lars Mickelson Jaco Strejupur I am the one Jaco Fringella Figo Royce Berison Like Istredd, Wilson Radjo Bukhalti Dara Anna Schaffer Like Triss Merigold and Reading Terica Wilson Like Sabrina.

There will be new faces, among which we will see such actors as: Yassin Perfumes As Quinn, Agnes Bjorn Like Vereena, Basil Edenbeans Like Eskel, Aisha Fabian Ross In the role of Lydia, Christopher Hefjo Jaco Nevlin Missia Simpson, Like Francesca.

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