Szymon Hryciek won a bronze medal at the European Junior Championships in Novi Sad. He was the third pole in the Sword Tournament.

After team fights, in which he defeated four competitors out of six, Hryciek was rated “20”. But in the main event, he did much better. At the inauguration ceremony 15:12 he defeated the Spaniard Iago Moran, and then the Hungarian Bertalan Totha 15:9.

In the 1/8 board finals the pole was not thrown by Russian Mikowaj Spisin (15:7), and in the quarter-finals Toric Tolga Aslan (15:10). Our sword player only found a killer in the semi-finals, losing 7:15 to the top seed in the tournament, German Colin Hethcock, who finally found no equality in the entire tournament and defeated Romanian Radu Neto in the final. The bronze medal was won by France’s Remy Garrigue, along with Hrisiak.

Earlier, the other whites and reds said goodbye to the competition. Marcel Broniszewski, Olaf Stasiak and Kasper Nowinowski were eliminated in the finals 1/32.

Polish florists were unable to enter the Medals Zone. Antonina Lachman and Karolina Churowska made it to the final eighth. She lost the first in this stage 11:15 with the British Carolina Stochbury, and the second with the Italian Irene Bertini 6:15. On 1/16, Malwina Kołodziejczyk and Aleksandra Wieczorek bid farewell to the competition.

The British Championship was won by Carolina Stokeberry, who defeated the Israeli Lior Drake in the semi-finals, and in the final did not give the Italian Irene Bertini a chance. The podium was completed by Romanian Karina Vasili.

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Tomorrow, in Novi Sad, there will be a fight between florists and Ebi athletes, including eight Polish representatives.

Junior Saber results:
1 – Colin Heathcock (Germany)
2 – Radu Neto (Romania)
3 – Simon Hrycek (Poland) and Remy Garrige (France)

35. Olaf Stasiak, 42. Marcel Broniszewski, 46. Kacper Nowinowski

Junior chips results:
1 – Carolina Stochbury (Great Britain)
2 – Irene Bertini (Italy)
3 – Karina Vasili (Romania) and Lior Drake (Israel)

11. Antonina Lachman, 16. Karolina Churowska, 20. Maluina Kolodzigicek, 23. Aleksandra Wiechurek