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The former Russian gymnast, Olympic champion, has been subjected to sanctions imposed by Australia, according to the Daily Star. This is another country that has captured the athlete in his activities. The 38-year-old has already been sanctioned by the European Union and Great Britain. The United States has not yet included the former gymnast in its records, although it was initially planned.

Kabaeva was among 16 Russians added to the sanctions list, according to the Kyiv Independent website. The others are family members of Vladimir Putin and three Russian ministers.

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Recently, he wrote a little less about Alina Kabaeva. Putin’s mistress, who, according to the foreign press, is still pregnant with the President of Russia, has ceased to hide and is interested in her own affairs in Russia. Until recently, Kabaeva did not have to fear for her property, but this is changing.

The former Russian gymnast is accustomed to living in luxury, and the sanctions imposed on her by other countries may soon harm her. The woman who has been in a casual relationship with Vladimir Putin for years is fond of brag about your wealthDon’t spend any money on clothes and accessories from the most famous designers.


– First a football player, then a celebrity – he says about himself. He does not “walk the walls”, nor does he seek media attention. It is the media that cares about him, although not necessarily in a sporting context. Asked by ukasz Kadziewicz about his footballing career, Jaroslav Binyuk answered what the sport had given him, what he took and whether he felt professionally satisfied. He admits, “In football, the ceiling is so high that it is difficult to say ‘I am satisfied.’ He does not hide the fact that his private life has had a huge impact on his career. Positive? Negative? About her she says ‘in the shadow of the sport.'” He also reveals what he missed His generation to reach more in football and what relevance it could have… the European Union.