February 25, 2022, 12:02 pm

First player reviews and opinions about GRID Legends have appeared on the web. The game is not impressive, but it should provide fans with a decent dose of entertainment.

In short:

  • GRID Legends According to reviewers, this is another solid production for Codemasters.
  • However, players on Steam are divided.
  • The production received 65% of positive reviews on Valve’s website.

Finally, we have the premiere of the next part of the series Grid About Subtitle legends. With her on the web appeared the first player reviews and opinions on Steam.

Unfortunately, they suggest that the game will not be a huge hit. Although there are many voices praising the production, almost everyone agrees that the title is nothing special.

Another solid production from Codemasters

From the reviews posted on the site Metacritic learn it GRID Legends It is a good racing game that Codemasters are not ashamed of. A reporter for Hardcore Gamer was even tempted to say this was the best part of the series.

The game offers a fun driving model, which combines the features of a simulator and an arcade game. Thanks to this, it will be accessible to every player.

The multiplicity of game modes and customization options, as well as very good graphics, also speak for the title.

However, reviewers agree that the Driven To Glory story mode is only a small pluswhich is characterized by a very low level of narration and quality of cinematic scenes.

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The game has also been subjected to repetition and grinding that appears after some time, as a result of which unlocking new content can be a bit frustrating.

in spite of that GRID Legends It provides just the right dose of entertainmentthough rather It will not be included in the list of the best racing games released recently.

Sample reviews of GRID: Myths

  1. Hardcore Player – 90/100
  2. God Obsessed – 85/100
  3. Nexus Games – 85/100
  4. Wccftech – 75/100
  5. Play – 70/100
  6. Pay box – 70/100
  7. Checkpoint Games – 65/100
  8. Sixth Axis – 60/100

The players are divided

The result of the first show yesterday today steam The opinions of the players themselves also appeared. They seem divided.

Most people who bought GRID Legendshe mentioned that the game has made real progress compared to the 2019 version.

Racing should be really fun, with the help of well-designed AI. Players also praise the graphics and extensive database of available cars. The machines’ numerous customization options were also well received.

Steam users also mentioned the improvement GRID LegendsWhich should make the title perform better than the version it had three years ago.

However, many players claim that when creating the production in question, the developers stood in the middle between the desire to produce a simulator and an arcade game. As a result, the leadership model is supposed to be completely unpredictable and difficult to control.

Fans are also skeptical about the story mode. According to most of them, this element is of dubious quality, and not a very attractive addition.

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In the end, feedback from players on Steam is mixed (65% positive reviews). GRID Legends However, it should provide a proper dose of entertainment for the biggest fans of racing games.