The disaster occurred in January 2020 near Tehran. A Ukrainian plane was shot down and all the passengers, most of them Canadians, were killed. Iranian The Aviation Authority has now stated in its final report that the accident was caused by the fault of the air defense system operator.

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An Iranian missile attack on an American base was recorded

“The aircraft was identified as a hostile target due to the fault of an air defense operator.”

The plane was shot down shortly after taking off from Tehran airport. The Iranian government later stated that the downing of the plane was a “catastrophic mistake” for the Air Force, which was on high alert when confronted with it. United States of America. Iran was ready for possible attacks after it fired missiles at Iraqi bases housing US forces. This came in revenge for the Americans’ killing of the most powerful military commander, Qassem Soleimani. Down the kill During a missile attack on Baghdad airport – he remembers.Reuters“.

The first military operation on orders from Biden. American attack in Syria

Already in a preliminary report released in June of last year, the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization stated that the downing of the plane was the result of an incorrect radar indicator and a lack of communication between the operator and his commanders. The position was preserved in the final report.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: This is a cynical attempt to hide the causes of the disaster

The Ukrainian report was criticized Ministry of Foreign AffairsDmytro Koliba described it in his Facebook post as a cynical attempt to hide the true causes of the disaster. According to Ukraine, that was intentional. Dmytro Koliba added that the Iranian investigation contradicts international practices, and that the evidence presented by Ukraine has been ignored, and conclusions were drawn selectively.

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An Iranian missile, specifically its warhead, appears in the upper left cornerThe recording of Iranian missile strikes on a US base has been declassified

United nations It also concluded that the investigation and clarification are Iranian Arrangement Contain contradictions. The Ukrainian Public Prosecution Office has opened its own investigations into the alleged murder in connection with the accident. Canada, in turn, said it would soon reveal the results of its own investigations.

He said that the Tehran government had allocated $ 150,000 to compensate the families of the victims of the disaster, and said that several people had been brought to trial.Reuters“.