With Corona virus deaths in the United States approaching 1,000 cases per day at the current record high of infection, Donald Trump And his son, Don Jr., is bent on public debate about the severity of the outbreak at repeated opportunities.

Don Jr. sat for an interview with Fox News on Thursday evening, in which he described critics of the Trump administration’s approach to the pandemic as “really fools” and said that the deaths from Covid-19 in America at the moment were “almost nothing.”

Meanwhile, after I said at last weekend’s rally,You don’t see deathAt this point in the pandemic in the United States, Donald Trump repeated in a tweet Friday morning that deaths are “expected” in the United States, mass testing inflates the number of infections and hospitals are coping.

In fact, many hospitals throughout the United States, particularly in the Midwest and the upper Midwest have the heart Texas On the verge of collapse, they are setting up field hospitals, calling in the army and helping state governors.

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On Fox News, Don Jr. said, “If you look at my Instagram, I pass by the CDC.” [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] The data because I kept hearing about new infections, [but] Why don’t they talk about death? Oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing, because we were able to control this thing. “

Public health experts, such as the chief public health official of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Anthony Fauci, warned this week that the United States is facing “a lot of pain” this winter because it is now in control of the epidemic, and this life may not return to Nature until late 2021 or 2022, even as a successful vaccine emerges in the coming months.

Nearly 90,000 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the United States on Thursday, The highest gross per day in the state Since the epidemic began, or about a new case every second.

In the recent increase in deaths, cases could be delayed for several weeks. But deaths are already increasing in About half of the states, The New York Times reported.

Last month, about a third of US counties set a daily record of deaths due to the epidemic.