Anna Zaluska Confirmed that the ad Compulsory vaccinations for teachers This is just the “beginning of deliberations and discussions”, and this professional group is one of the “best vaccines in Poland”.

MEP indicated that it was against the introduction Compulsory vaccinations Not only for selected professional groups, but in general – for everyone.

– I’m generally against coercion. She said duty should in no way make anyone special.

In her view, more employers, for example school or hospital administrators, should persuade employees to vaccinate. The employer is the one who is able to persuade his employees to vaccinate. She said they are the closest.

How do? These are the employers’ decisions. For example, I do it all the time. When I meet an unvaccinated person, they convince me, argue, and listen to counterarguments. I have already had some successes, because very few people have been vaccinated – said Anna Zaluska.

According to PiS MEP, the way to improve the situation is to comply with established rules and encourage vaccination.

– I am after the third dose of immunization. In my clinic, the line was longer. Not only people who want to take a booster dose, but also those who are vaccinated for the first time – Zalewska said, encouraging vaccinations.

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MEP emphasized that it is difficult to speculate on the effects of a possible introduction at the moment Compulsory vaccinations for teachersAmong them – according to the data provided by Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik – about 20 percent. They are not vaccinated.

– I hope that government announcements do not mention excluding anyone from work. We are talking about a hypothetical situation, we have no law. I hope those are 20 percent. She said teachers, convinced by parents and principals, would also get the vaccination.

Commenting on the introduction distance learning In schools from December 20 to January 9, Anna Zaluska hoped that full-time education would return after that time.

– The previous school year brought about significant changes in the relationships between students and undesirable states of mind – reminded of the effects of distance learning.

Zaleuska also referred to the meeting of leaders of conservative parties in the European Union that was organized last weekend in Warsaw. – There is an expectation in the EU that all conservative groups will hold together, because only they can prevent the fact that left-liberal Europe wants to be targeted and which was also included in the German alliance agreement, ie the quest to create a “federal state with the European Union” – asserted.

The MEP noted that as part of the increasing influence and visibility of conservative constituencies in the European Union, they have presented a joint candidate for the presidency of the European Parliament. He is a member of the Law and Justice Party, Kuzma Zlotovsky.

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