The District Prosecutor’s Office in agań has completed the investigation of Daniel M. , The former mayor of the city, and forwarded the indictment to court. Daniel M. is accused of overstepping his powers while serving as mayor, with tax exemptions.

The possibility of a crime was reported by Daniel M. By Andrzej Katarzyniec, current mayor of agań. He defeated the defendant in the mayoral race during the local elections in 2018. Since then, Daniel M. has been a member of the city council.

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There was ambiguity related to my predecessor’s activities and we sent the materials to the prosecutor’s office. It was one of the many issues that had to be clarified – says Andrei Katarzenik on Radio West.

As it turns out, Daniel M. was commissioned for art. 231 of the Penal Code. According to investigators, he was to have been guilty of inappropriately overstepping his powers of mismanagement and tax enforcement.

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Police detained the former mayor of Hajai for 48 hours at the end of November 2020. The reason is that he did not attend the session despite being summoned several times. As Daniel M. explains on the pages, he saw the summons “in the mailbox, but he didn’t receive them”. He also announced afterwards that he had not pleaded guilty.

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