Players are still searching for clues about it being abandoned and want to link the production to Hideo Kojima. However, it is very likely that the game is not actually related to an experienced Japanese – new information has emerged about the studio and the game.

A few hours ago on our website We made some crazy theories about Abandoned, Blue Box studio and Hideo Kojima. Is the Japanese the stand-up builder and getting ready to reveal Silent Hill? apparently not.

Today the editor of the Dutch website was supposed to speak with the founder of Blue Box – the journalist gave an interview to the team leader and although he could not provide all the details, he received some interesting information.

On Tuesday (June 22), the PlayStation 5 trailer will be launched, in which we will not find material, but during this time we will receive all the details about the program. The developers can also reveal some technical aspects of the game.

But the situation is surprising, because on Tuesday we will also see an “advertisement” that will be presented on social media by Jeff Keighley – a good friend of Kojima and someone involved in the mysterious show Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom.

Hasan Kahraman had to point out again that he had nothing to do with Hideo Kojima, but in his opinion – it doesn’t matter what he does or says now, because people won’t believe him anyway. Interestingly, the app will not be available in Japan and China on Tuesday.

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