We are already used to the fact that We download apps from the App Store or Google Play. We also pay using Apple and Google programs. When it comes to sending a message, iPhone users use iMessage. It has been this way for a long time and few people have wondered if it must be this way? The European Union is trying to do just a little bit To calm the monopolistic tendencies of tech companies.

The European Parliament and the Council of Europe They are more willing to accept the idea of ​​implementing the new Digital Markets Act (DMA). This was reported by Margrethe Vestager, Danish politician and European Competition Commissioner, on Twitter. According to her, the last meeting on the introduction of the DMA ended with a strong agreement of all parties.

The new law will cover a wide range of regulations that hit large companies and give legal authorities the tools to deal with future situations and monopolistic behavior. It will also require specific actions from technology companies.

What will hit entities like Apple, Meta, Microsoft and Google in particular is Interoperability requirements. All entities will have to design their ecosystem in such a way that they also collaborate with programs outside of it.

Another requirement that Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) will impose on companies is Right to uninstall. Companies will need to ensure that consumers can uninstall pre-installed applications. The law also mentions the father. data transparency. Small businesses will be able to access the data you created for larger companies. Transparency will also apply to traffic generated by ads. buy company Advertising on FacebookYou should have access to real stats that show their coverage.

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With the entry into force of DMA, Companies will not be able to use their sitesTo advertise first. For example, Google will not be able to place its ad on top of a search engine just because that search engine is one of them. Big companies have to apply the rules they set for small businesses to each other.

Apple and Google can no longer enforce app developers Payment method. Entities will have to allow fee payments to be shared with other platforms.

The law has not yet been passed. The European Union says its language needs to be reviewed and approved by Parliament and the Council. At a press conference held early Friday morning, Vestager said she expects to be The DMA will go into effect “sometime in October”. It is possible that the owners of the communication platforms will be forced to revive them at different intervals. Depending on the required procedure and the difficulty of its implementation, it will be from three months to four years.