In China, the epidemic has generally been under control since March 2020, but the authorities are implementing a strategy Zero COVID They respond decisively even to a single infection by applying topical treatments Closing and comprehensive examinations. Additional intensification of control associated with proximity Olympic Games in Beijing.

The State Health Commission reported on Monday 101 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, 80 of which have been infected in China. Of those cases, 74 were detected in Zhejiang Province, where more than 60 million people are facing a new outbreak.

From December 3 until Sunday afternoon in Zhejiang, full confirmation 138 local injuries. China’s Xinhua News Agency said genetic studies have shown that it is responsible for the atypical delta type of coronavirus known as AY.4.

Local authorities announced strict restrictions About gatherings and the possibility of leaving the area. High- and medium-risk residents should not leave the province, and if travel is essential, they must be absent from work for 14 days and show a negative test result.

The Chinese authorities also issued instructions to strengthen infection control measures in border towns. In recent months, a large proportion of new infections have been detected in localities close to the borders with Russia and Mongolia.

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