Two people were killed and another person was reported missing in central Thessaly after a Mediterranean cyclone, Medicana Ianos, which struck parts of Greece Overnight and cause flooding.

Authorities said the two victims were an elderly woman found dead in her flooded home, and a 63-year-old shepherd who was swept away by flood waters.

They said that a woman went missing after she ignored police and firefighters ’instructions not to drive in an area where a bridge spans a river.

The Greek fire service said on Saturday it had answered nearly 2,500 calls from people trapped in central and western regions or asking to remove fallen trees that blocked roads or caused property damage.

The service stated that more than 600 people were rescued.

Train operator Trinose said service linking southern and northern Greece had been suspended.

Water from a flooded river destroyed at least two bridges and many buildings, including the local health center in the town of Thessaly in Mozaki. Parts of the area have no electricity.

Greece was hit by a similar storm in 2018. A year ago, flash floods killed 25 people and displaced hundreds of people in western Athens. Many of the victims were elderly people, whose bodies were later found inside their homes.

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