Politicians participated in the debate, which was broadcast on Czech public television, ahead of the lower house elections, which will be held on Friday and Saturday. A waiver of 21 percent. The value-added tax on energy aims to prevent the effects of an increase in electricity prices for households.

According to recent opinion polls, Babish’s Anu movement should win the elections, but it may have trouble forming a stable government. The Social Democrats of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs with Ano shall not outweigh 5 per cent. Election threshold.

Among the pre-election announcements at a debate in the Charles University Law School building in Prague, leaders of eight political groups that could enter the Chamber of Deputies said they did not want to pay income tax for those with lower incomes. There may be a digital tax in the game.

Prime Minister Babis noted that apart from GDP growth, government spending will be partially covered by European support.

Politicians were asked one question by artificial intelligence that had a female voice and a female character. He asked Matilda, among other things for the future, using the Internet, and voting in “artificial intelligence” elections. Instead, politicians have distanced themselves from taking Matilda’s questions seriously.

The leaders of the main parties will meet in another debate, tomorrow, Thursday, in the private studio of “Nova” TV. The radio administration decided to divide politicians from eight parties into two groups. Leaders of the three most powerful parties and coalitions and those with slim chances of winning will be discussed separately.



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