We do not envisage a scenario to expand distance learning, so on January 10 everyone will return to full-time learning, which is as necessary as oxygen – said Minister of Education and Science Przemyslav Kzarnik on Sunday. He added that more decisions will be taken in this regard on an ongoing basis.

The head of MEiN at TVP Info indicated that further decisions related to science will depend on the epidemiological situation, including how the Omikron coronavirus variant affects and how it will be translated into the number of patients and patients hospitalized.

“We will know in about three weeks or a month. Only then will we make other decisions, and this will already be the winter holiday season, so a third of Poland will be excluded from full-time education because of the winter break anyway,” the minister noted.

He added that since last June, students have already started full-time education despite – he indicated – more than 500,000 signatures. Children inspired by the opposition, “who said you can’t go back to school, that schools are not ready”. “From September 1, we have started full stationery learning and just three days before Christmas – for health reasons – we have decided that they will be distance learning” – confirmed the MEiN President.

Czarnik emphasized that thanks to the program to help children and adolescents after Covid-19, PLN 187 million have been allocated to support activities in more than 90 percent. school institutions. As he said, tens of thousands of people have been trained. Physical education teachers to make lessons more effective.

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“Unfortunately, the physical condition – already confirmed by the rectors of the University of Physical Education, who conducted research in sports clubs, which was also conducted during this campaign of the National Program for the Support of Children and Youth after the Pandemic – children and adolescents, in both the age group from 7 to 10 years And for adolescents, the situation has become much worse than it was before, ”- he added.

As he said, it has to do with BMI or endurance indicators, which are “certainly worse than they were before distance learning.” “Distance learning in the second and third waves, when children for months – especially from fourth grade and above – and young people – stayed at home, caused a lot of damage” – assessed the MEiN chief. He stressed that 40 percent. Children examined were referred to an ophthalmologist. He also referred to children’s psychological problems.

According to the decree of the Minister of Education and Science, the fixed operation of schools has been restricted, with some exceptions, from December 20 to Sunday January 9, 2022. Instead of fixed education, distance learning has been introduced. However, according to the calendar of the school year, students had remote classes in schools only until December 22, inclusive, and then the holiday holiday related to Christmas began.

Officially, the break lasted until December 31, but January 1 was a legal holiday, in addition, it fell on a Saturday, and January 2 was a Sunday. Hence, students return to study on January 3rd, and it will be distance learning. They will return to full-time education a week later – on January 10th.

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Author: Marcin Chumyuk

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