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Great Britain tightens sanctions against the Russians. They will feel it is an oligarchy, including those active in sports. The British target was Alexander Dukov, president of the Russian Football Association and a member of the FIFA Executive Committee.

The UK government had already imposed sanctions on the Russian oligarchy on March 10 as part of a program to suppress wealthy Russians with assets in the country. Then the list was entered by, among others, Roman Abramovich. More Putin supporters have been added to the list today. It’s ia Alexander Dukov, President of the Russian Football Federation, member of the FIFA Executive Committee and the trusted man of President Putin. The imposition of sanctions on Dukov also undermines his credibility as a member of the FIFA committee. In addition to these positions, he is also the head of Gazprom Neft. The list of sanctioned oligarchs today includes 8 names, and it includes other people associated with football. Leonid Mikhelson is one of the richest Russians, and his company Novatek is one of the main sponsors of the Russian Football Union.

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They froze $7 billion for Abramovich
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They froze $7 billion for Abramovich

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Boris Rothenberg is another man on the blacklist. He was born in Russia and was a competitor, incl. Lokomotiv and Dynamo Moscow, but they played for the Finland national team. His father, who has the same name, is an oligarch whose fortune is estimated at $1.1 billion. Rothenberg, Michelson and Dukov have close ties to Putin. The British hope that imposing severe sanctions on the oligarchy will affect them and force Putin to stop hostilities in Ukraine.

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