The Poles cut three laps (750 metres) in 43516, a disappointing result. The Velodrome in Izu is fast, two world records have already been broken, and the white and red ranks below the country records. It is 42872.

Roddick was the best among his teammates, whose single sprint would be the most important start in Tokyo. The 26-year-old was leading the team, his time was 17,529. He was fifth in the first shift. Rajkowski came in second and Maxell was definitely the worst in third.

The fastest on the finish line was Dutchman Roy van den Berg, Harry Lafrisen and Mathijs Bochley (42,134), ahead of Britain’s Ryan Owens, Jack Carlin and Jason Kenny (42,231) and Australia’s Matthew Richardson, Nathan Hart and Matthew Glaitzer (42,371).

Based on the results of the qualifiers, the eight teams were divided into four pairs from the first round, which will also take place today at 9.50 am. Poland will go with the Netherlands, Great Britain with Germany, Australia with RKO, and France with New Zealand.