The country’s health minister told Sky News that the new strain of coronavirus in parts of England is also behind the spike in cases in Wales.

Vaughan Gething says New variable The “folder is across the right side.” WellsAnd “can not be ignored.”

Level 4 restrictions in Wales – in line with Level 4 rules in England – It went into effect on Sunday, while plans were cut short to allow for five days of easing restrictions that allow two families to form a festive bubble and will now only be applied to birthday day.

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The Minister of Health said that the new procedures will be reviewed within three weeks

Gething also said the decision to put the country into lockdown immediately before him birthday It was due to information that the new strain was causing the virus to spread faster.

“The cabinet meeting was very difficult yesterday because we realize that the impact of these options will be very real for many families across the country, an effect that will not be spread evenly,” he said.

“But in reality if we don’t act, we will see much more damage.”

Regarding the change in the situation regarding Christmas, he added, “He always said that we might need to act differently in the future,” noting that it is difficult to predict.

He continued: “I have never given absolute guarantees that there will be no distancing from anything because Corona Virus She will make a cup of your own if you try to do so.

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“The virus does not particularly care, it does not have feelings. It is just looking to reproduce and continue and that will cause harm to all of us, so we all have options that we have to make.

“We have choices to make about what we do, and what we do with others.

“So I’m pleading with everyone, the government and the NHS can’t do it on our own.

“We need every family in Wales to do their part.”

Staff remove Christmas decorations in Cardiff city center
Staff remove Christmas decorations in Cardiff city center

In a statement on Saturday, Wales’ chief medical officer, Dr Frank Atherton, said there was “rapidly emerging” evidence that the new variant appeared to be “more transmissible than the wild-type virus.”

He also said that despite the small sample size, the ONS study showed that the novel variant could be responsible for up to 60% of new infections in Wales.

Dr Atherton added: “Emerging public health advice indicates that the new format at least contributes to and may lead to this growth rate.

“Given the risk of continuing further high growth, to contain the damage from the epidemic and prevent the dumping of already stretched NHS resources, Tier 4 measures should be introduced as soon as possible.”

When asked when the most stringent measures will be lifted, Githing said it will be reviewed “in three weeks.”

“I would be surprised if, after three weeks, we were in a position where all of Wales could move from Tier 4, because our rates are extraordinarily high,” he warned.

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“There are more than 600 cases per 100,000 across Wales so we’ll have to review what we got there in three weeks, and we’ll pick.”

“We’ll be clear with the public about what that option is, but I don’t think people should plan for the entire country to drop out of Tier 4 in three weeks.”