“Unfortunately, the save is corrupted and cannot be recovered.”

In the latest in a long line of issues, reports are now coming in that Cyberpunk 2077’s saves have become permanently corrupted for players if their size exceeds 8MB.

Although initially reported as affecting cross games All platformsNow, some suggest it’s just a computer problem. However, without confirmation from developer CD Projekt Red in either case, players were advised to “keep less items and manufacturing materials”.

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In a reply posted on The GOG site, CDPR assured that once damaged, there is no way to restore preservation, so it is recommended to keep “a smaller quantity of items and materials of manufacture”

The message said: “Unfortunately, the save is corrupt and cannot be recovered. Please use an older save file to keep playing and try to keep a smaller quantity of items and artifacts.”

“If you have used the item duplication issue, please upload a save file that is not affected by it.”

The message concludes by saying that while saving the file size limit “may be increased” in a future patch, “corrupted files will remain that way.”

As we reported in the weeks since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt shares have plummeted after reviews of the game indicated that Cyberpunk may not end up with a metascore. While the PC version of Cyberpunk has 87 metascore Metacritic, PS4 and Xbox One versions score 55. User scores are 7.2, 3.2 and 4.4 respectively.

Tell heads of CD Projekt employees They will get their full rewards Despite the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 buggy. The executives have reportedly taken responsibility for the state of the game upon their release.

CD Projekt has also come under fire for its use of crisis while developing Cyberpunk. In September 2020, CD Projekt told employees that it will require them to work for six days for weeks until the game’s launch in November (Later postponed to December), defying a previous promise not to impose mandatory overtime to finish the project.