The Ministry of Health reported eight others Corona Virus Related deaths.

The ministry says the death toll in Northern Ireland now stands at 760.

Friday’s dashboard update reported 595 more positive cases of the virus, bringing the total number of positive cases to 41,969 since the start of the pandemic.

During the past seven days, Section It says 4,160 people have tested positive for the virus in Northern Ireland.

There are currently 407 confirmed patients for Covid-19 in hospital and 49 in intensive care.

It comes Corona Virus Relevant deaths reported by the authority have seen a spike with 66 deaths recorded in the last week.

The Weekly Bulletin of “Covid-19 Deaths” indicates that the total number of deaths “has now exceeded 1,000, and has reached 1053”.

The number of deaths per week, from October 24-30, is higher than the previous two publications, which recorded 37 and 27 deaths.

Of this total, the agency says, 605 (57.5%) deaths occurred in hospitals, 375 (35.6%) in care homes, 9 (0.9%) in nursing homes, and 64 (6.1%) at residential addresses or locations. Other. The 384 deaths in care homes and shelters occurred at 90 separate facilities, according to the state of NISRA.

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