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Donald TrumpHis niece warned of the upcoming “dangerous” months, claiming that the “desperate” president is planning a coup Joe Biden Approaching the White House.

The “faltering” US leader stunned the world Thursday with dizzying clamor fueled by a conspiracy theory claiming the Democrats American Elections – Although there is no evidence of sinister play.

Biden took the lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania, the main battlefields, on Friday afternoon, with the US election result suspended three days after casting their votes.

His niece Mary – known for writing the scathing memoir of how her family created “the most dangerous man in the world” – said he would not get over being a “loser”.

She told MSNBC: “Donald has never been here before. There is no one to save him. Nobody to buy.”

He is desperate. It fails. There is nothing he can legitimately do except watch this show helplessly.

She continued: “ I think based on what he said, this is a very good indication of what we could be in, especially if the Republican leadership continues to do nothing.

This wasn’t just Donald muddling or lying. This was Donald talking about an attempted coup.

The leader of a country is desperately trying to delegitimize the elections. It’s obscene and someone has to step in and stop it.

When asked about the likely mood of the president, Mrs. Trump said her uncle would be in “uncontrollable rage.”

When asked how he would live with his “expulsion” by the American people, she claimed that he would “not exceed” the experience.

She said, ‘What will add to his loss is the fact that the Republicans look like they might keep the Senate, and they’ve got seats in the House of Representatives, so he can’t avoid this but try it as a denial of it. As a rejection of him.

“It will not exceed that and two months will be very dangerous.”

The Associated Press claims Biden garnered a total of 264 electoral votes and places Trump 214, with 270 votes required to win the race. The other outlets did not ask Arizona for Biden, placing the Democratic candidate at 253.

At least seven major television networks Trump cut short during his speech at the White House last night in which he accused the Democratic Party of “stealing” votes through “corrupt” ballots through the mail.

His unprecedented calls to “stop counting” her Hundreds of supporters gathered outside the scheduling sites.

Election officials in several states have voiced concerns for the safety of their workers amid a series of threats and demonstrators.

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