The Minister of Health will recommend more restrictions on Northern Ireland executive Tomorrow, saying it will probably be imposed again before Christmas.

He also said work is underway to facilitate group exams for students in the UK, so they can return home and spend Christmas with their families.

Minister Robin Swan made the remarks at a press conference today, where he was joined by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael McBride and Chief Scientific Advisor Professor Ian Young.

He said, “We still need to do the basics in the coming days, weeks and months and that will inevitably mean a level of restriction. Because your actions today will have an impact on what we’ll be in in two weeks.”

Health Minister Robin Swan will recommend new restrictions to the executive tomorrow

This came as hospitality and close communication companies prepare to reopen on Friday after the circuit breaker closed for five weeks.

The Ministry of Health mentioned another 11 Covid-19 Today’s deaths, as nine cases occurred in the past twenty-four hours. The death toll from the virus in Northern Ireland has now reached 889.

Also, 518 new cases of the virus were recorded in the past day and 3,535 cases in the past seven days.

These are the main points from today’s press conference:

1. New restrictions are likely to be imposed before Christmas.

The health minister said he would recommend new restrictions and interventions to the executive tomorrow and warned that the public’s actions would affect whether to impose any of them within two weeks.

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He said, “Robin Swan:“ I think we were clear that there would be a need for more restrictions between now and Christmas if we were to access our health services through the winter stress that you always face and face especially at this time due to the large number of inpatients that we have. Currently before we go through this set of restrictions.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael McBride addresses the media during the Department of Health press conference at Parliament Buildings, Stormont this afternoon.

2. Take a group test to get NI students home for Christmas

Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride said work is being carried out on a pilot group testing scheme in order to ensure that Northern Ireland students in the UK will be able to return home at Christmas.

He said, “We are also looking forward to mass testing students to enable everyone to go home on Christmas.”

However, testing on its own or vaccinations will not provide us with the Christmas and holiday period, and the test is not a panacea, and the test will reduce the risks and may give you the green light to return home to your family, but your actions and what you do will ensure that you keep the safety of others, and keep you safe , The safety of your family or give an unwelcome Christmas gift.

3. The overall test scheme of all NI is considered

The health minister said he had spoken with Health Minister Matt Hancock about the possibility of mass testing in Northern Ireland, similar to the project that was implemented in Liverpool.

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How chief science advisor Ian Young warned that it would only work if 90 percent of the population was repeatedly tested and tested.

4. The Minister of Health is “not satisfied” with the executive decision last week

The health minister said he was “not satisfied” with the decision made by the executive branch last week, but felt he had no choice but to vote for him because it would have been better than no restrictions at all.

Senior Scientific Adviser Professor Ian Young addresses the media during the Ministry of Health press conference at Parliament Buildings, Stormont this afternoon.

5. Vaccine news brings hope in the coming year

News of potential Covid-19 vaccines has brought a sense of hope to Chief Medical Officer Dr. McBride, who said we might be in a “different place” by spring or summer. However, he said it could be the end of the year or the following year due to the vaccine rollout process.

6. The current restrictions do not have sufficient effect

Dr McBride said the current restrictions are lowering infection rates, but not having a sufficient effect.

He said, “Although the treatments have improved, the shocking truth is that we will witness more deaths from Covid in our hospitals as we see people entering hospital care and intensive care.”

“The current restrictions have an effect and slow down the rate of infection, but they are neither sufficient nor sufficient to overcome the challenges of the next few months.”

7. A new Nightingale facility opens at White BP Hospital

The new Nightingale facility will open Friday at White BP Hospital, which will be used to provide step-by-step care to Covid-19 patients as they leave hospital and return home.

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Minister Swan hailed the nurse-led facility as a pioneer.