Hancock says the soaring number of cases in London and Essex is worrying, and a level review will come next week



Hancock says group tests are being rolled out in high schools in parts of London, Kent and Essex with the highest rates of Covid





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The Department for Transport has temporarily relaxed enforcement of drivers’ working hours rules in the European Union in England, Scotland and Wales, as concerns mount that Christmas could be spoiled by Corona Virus Troubles and stockpiling ahead of Brexit.

The move comes on the heels of port congestion, which has halted important deliveries, including Building materialsAnd the restrictions related to the Coronavirus on supply chains, at a time when the United Kingdom’s ability to handle shipping goods raised concerns among ministers in the run-up to Brixi.

The Temporary relaxation Submissions will take place from midnight December 10 until December 30, 2020.

The rules apply to anyone who drives within the UK under the European Union drivers ’business hours rules concerned with the transportation of food and essential goods, such as vaccines, from ports within Great Britain. They will be free to work longer hours than usual European Union Safety rules allow.

The rules also apply to food and other essential goods that are delivered to distribution centers and warehouses, and from manufacturers or suppliers to stores. It does not apply to drivers who deliver to consumers.

While the Department of Transportation states that drivers’ safety “should not be compromised” and that there should be agreement between drivers and the employer, concerns have been raised about increased levels of fatigue in truck drivers.

Autism National Road Transport Officer Adrian Jones said:

Truck drivers are forced to pay for the mismanagement of others. Relaxing driving hours increases fatigue, increasing the risk of accidents for drivers themselves and all other road users.

Relaxing the driver’s hours will increase fatigue levels, which is especially dangerous in bad weather that occurs frequently during the winter months.