2021-11-24 06:21

2021-11-24 06:21

Nicaragua raises visa requirements for Cubans.  Will immigration to the United States increase?
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The Nicaraguan government has raised visa requirements for Cuban citizens, which could lead to an increase in the number of Cubans traveling there to reach the United States, the Palestinian Authority said Wednesday.

Nicaragua’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement on its website on Monday saying the decision was taken “to promote trade, tourism and a humane approach to family relations.”

The ministry said it had received many visa applications from Cubans who had relatives in Nicaragua.

Many Cubans travel as far as South America to find their way overland to the US border. The Associated Press wrote that a trip to Nicaragua will significantly reduce the time and distance of those trips.

The move came after the United States condemned the re-election of President Daniel Ortega on November 7.

Ortega has always been an ally of Cuba. Ortega officially won over 75 percent. votes in the elections, but the result could not be different after his government imprisoned seven top potential opposition candidates.

US President Joe Biden described the Nicaraguan elections as “rigged” and assured the United States that it would use the tools at its disposal to hold the Nicaraguan government to account.


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