According to the San Angelo Standard-Times Portal, the 30-year-old was the founder of the anti-vaccine Freedom Defenders movement. And he was against preventive measures, including restriction of movement or compulsory vaccinations.

Caleb Wallace began experiencing the first symptoms of the coronavirus on July 26. However, he did not want to undergo a medical examination. He began to recover, among other things, vitamin C and painkillers. Unfortunately, they did not help.

He started coughing, and each time it turned into a fit of coughing that made him unable to breathe. He was very stubborn. Wallack’s wife said in an interview with the San Angelo Standard Times that he did not want to go to the doctor so as not to be part of the Covid statistics.

On July 30, the man’s condition deteriorated and he was taken to hospital. On August 8, doctors connected Caleb to a respirator. The coronavirus has destroyed the lungs of a 30-year-old man. The man died on August 28.

Caleb Wallace is an orphan of three children. His fourth daughter is due to be born at the end of September.

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Source: San Angelo Standard Times