Donald Trump The son stood in front of a “Don Jr 2024” sign in Nevada on Saturday, posted the photo online and waited for “liberalism’s heads to explode.”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha.” Wrote The president’s eldest son on Instagram. “Oh boy. This was a recording of a Fallon Nevada livestock auction. That would make liberal heads explode.” (“Lib” is short for “liberal.”)

“For those who gave thanks for the compliment … But let’s complete 2020 with a big win first !!!!!”

Although Nevada went to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden Lead Donald Trump Sr. is there this year, and it’s a faltering country. Democratic voters are concentrated in Las Vegas and its environs, while Republicans are in more rural areas.

Trump Jr., 42, is known as the Internet agitator Who shares his father’s enthusiasm and penchant for sharing misinformation.

Since his father won the White House, he has not been involved in politics like his sister Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, or as active in running the Trump Organization as his brother Eric. He also has two half-brothers, Tiffany and Barron.

But Don Jr appears to be a descendant of Trump more inclined to politics and has turned into a valuable campaign alternative with a knack for reaching out to the president’s base.

Jason Miller, a senior adviser on the Trump campaign, said, “Don Junior is the emotional center of the MAGA universe.” The New York Times, Using the acronym for “Make America Great Again,” Trump’s slogan.

Trump Jr was only joking about running for office but he – and his sister – did She scored strongly in the polls With regard to the presumed Republican candidates for 2024, whether to succeed his father or to try to deprive Joe Biden of a second term.

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The president’s eldest son has also published two political themed books, checking out the bestseller lists, if so With the help of the partyAnd suffering financial problems Because of an error on the second cover.

Deputy correspondent recently I suggested Republicans in Pennsylvania are proposing the idea of ​​replacing Trump Jr. Pat Tommy, the Republican senator who has announced his retirement. Trump Jr. himself did not talk about the Pennsylvania seat.

He talks to the Guardian this weekRick Wilson, former Republican counselor and member of the Lincoln’s anti-Trump projectDescribing Trump Jr as “a post-Republican Republican … there is only to engage in that performance trigger that Lieb has in Trump’s world. It is a political performance art to show your disdain for norms, institutions, and education.”

Wilson went on to explain why, if Trump Jr had really considered running for office, that might be an asset.

It has become the ideological pillar of the Republican Party. There is no longer an ideas party anymore. There are no Except for some kind of blatant anger at Trump.