The French director of the documentary “Spring, Watch Hong Kong,” Li Li Furui, has lived in China for many years and is suspected of acting as a propaganda tool for Beijing. (taken from Lee Fiori’s Facebook page)

2022/08/23 05:30

[من إعداد Sun Yuqing / تقرير شامل]The University of Hong Kong’s “Chinese Media Research Project” reveals the suspected fraud of the Chinese documentary “Spring, See Hong Kong”, in which the director and two film consultants boycotted festivals and film festivals, these film festivals are in line with the suspicions of the party’s propaganda agencies The Chinese Communist Party’s “big domestic propaganda” and “big foreign propaganda”, it once again highlights the mode of operation that Chinese propaganda agencies are good at “mixing fake pictures” with real “.

Managing advisors have many intersections

University of Hong Kong investigators found that French director Benoit Leliever of “Spring, See Hong Kong,” as well as Chinese director Jin Huaqing, who served as consultant, president and artist of Greek “Yerapetra International Documentary Film Festival” (IDFI) Eleni Flassi, director, had a relationship. Wonderful with each other. For example, Jin Huaqing joined the IDFI jury in 2018 and 19, and Lie Furui also participated. The three also joined the “Silk Road International Film Festival” in China and other similar events, and Chinese media reported that Jin Huaqing insisted that he did not know Li Furui, and did not work with Wallace.

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IDFI has a close relationship with China

In addition, IDFI has a very close relationship with China, including jointly promoting the “Chinese Dream” project with nine major international film festivals in China in 2016, and has successively awarded prizes to a number of “Chinese culture and medicine experts” in the few years past scholars”, but none of these scholars have anything to do with the film. It is baffling that other film festivals around the world have never mentioned this plan, while the organizers behind Chinese film festivals that cooperate with IDFI often work closely with agencies Local Propaganda of the Communist Party of China.For example, “Haining Film Culture”, the organizer of the “Silk Road International Film Festival”, has cooperated with local publicity departments to launch “Tell China’s Story Well”.

Not only that, in his documentary “Hong Kong, Please Shine Again,” Jin Huaqing told the “anti-extradition” movement in Beijing’s view, accusing Hong Kong of “extremist and violent crimes” instigated by “anti-Chinese West” forces. He stressed that “Hong Kong’s national security law has the support of the general public. Although the film has the same style as the official promotional film, it was awarded the IDFI’s “Best Foreign Language Short Film” award. The Hong Kong media also quoted Wallasi confirmed the film, but it was not confirmed by Wallasi himself.

HKU team frankly stated that foreign recognition is an important step in promoting “Hong Kong, please shine again” by Chinese-language media, as it legitimizes Beijing’s stance on political events in Hong Kong. From the above case, it can be seen that China’s propaganda methods are clumsy, Levery may just be a name, said Xia Hong, a researcher at the Institute for Strategic Studies, a military school funded by the French Ministry of Defense. , Chinese officials don’t care about the channels or effects of propaganda, and it’s all just about achieving performance.

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