Data from 100 percent. A committee Reported by the largest French stations and Agence France-Presse.

The next positions in the first round were occupied by Eric Zemmour (7.07%), Valérie Pecres (4.78%), Yannick Gadot (4.63%), Jean LaSalle (3.13%) and Fabien Roussel (2.28%).

These results mean that He will face Macron and Le Pen in the second round of elections scheduled for April 24.

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You get elected on April 24 and vote in the second round of elections in which nothing has been decided yetIt is a major choice for Europe and France, President Emmanuel Macron said in his speech in Paris after the results of the poll were announced.

The head of state appealed to his constituents and opponents of unity and work for the common project, which is France.

At this crucial moment for the nation’s future, nothing has to be the same as before. Because I want to reach those who want to work in France. I am ready to invent something new to reconcile different beliefs and sensibilitiesTo work together in the service of our nation, Macron announced.

Do we want an independent France because it is strong economically, environmentally, culturally and culturally? (…]Do we want a France where, thanks to the environment, heating bills will be reduced and the electric car will be available to everyone? Do we want a France that still trusts science, reason and efficiency as we have done in recent years? The president asked the enthusiastic crowds of his supporters.

– I do not want France (…) to have international allies of populists and xenophobia – Macron emphasized.

National Unity filter Marine Le Pen After the first results, she confirmed that the choice between her and Macron was a “civilized choice.” It also promised to create a federal project for the European Union.

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Le Pen said your vote would determine the political decisions for the next five years in office, but in fact they would commit France for the next 50 years, and promised to “reorder France within five years.” She invited “everyone who did not vote for Emmanuel Macron today” to join her.

Le Pen emphasized thatThe French have to make their own decisionsShe promised to create a federation of the European Union and a major “national and people’s union” in France, noting the need to curb immigration, and instead spoke out in favor of organizing referendums and creating large and ambitious economic and environmental projects. .

Shortly after the initial results were announced, the losing candidates – Republican Valérie Pecresse, Socialist Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Green Coalition head Yannick Gadot, and Communist Fabien Roussel – declared their support for President Macron, who was seeking re-election. The president of unruly France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has called for the far-right not to vote for Le Pen.

Right-wing columnist Eric Zemmour called for a vote for Le Pen. He also announced the creation of a new political party after the elections.

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