Present perception and appearance ul. Bless.

mat. Press statements

In Lower Sopota map Construction of the largest Wunerf began in Tri-City as well as in Poland. In the first phase of the works, the underground infrastructure related to rainwater management and gas installation will be rebuilt. We will use the development of the new space, without the division into roads and sidewalks, at the end of the year.

Plans to rebuild Barqua Street, section Kordeckiego – Kilińskiego and all neighboring streets were described in detail in November of last year, when the bidding process was opened.

The company set the best rate at the time MTM from Gdynia – about 12.290 million PLNFor this purpose, the city reserves 16.576 million PLN.

Currently, heavy construction equipment has entered the streets, which has begun to tear apart the old and worn road surface and sidewalks. Drivers must take into account traffic difficulties first.

– Shroprygo Street was closed to the section of the Mujahideen. Parkowa to Grunwaldzka. Intersection of the Mujahideen. Grunwaldzka from Chrobry. At the same time, in the Mujahideen Division. Bless from the Mujahideen. Traugot to the Mujahideen. Chrobrego introduced traffic in both directions with two stops blocked. Traffic regulation will change depending on the progress of the work being performed – reports Katarzyna Alesiunc From the Office of Promotion and Social Media, Sopot City Hall.

Present perception and appearance ul. Bless.

mat. Press statements

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Construction work thanks to European Union support

The construction work is being carried out within the framework of two European Union projects:

  1. “Management of rainwater in streams and canals located in the city of Sopot, which flow into the Gulf of Gdansk”
  2. Modernization of street lighting in Sopot with the latest technology.

The works will also include rebuilding the gas facility, which is the responsibility of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa.

Surface replacement and the new way of spatial development is somehow a business companion to the network infrastructure, although it is certainly the most visible to bystanders and drivers.

Granite paving and “sea gate”

As for the roof, the streets will be paved with granite sidewalks, and parking spaces will be paved with field stone (except for parking spaces for people with special needs made of concrete blocks).

At the end of the Mujahideen. Poniatowski, at the entrance to Coastal Avenue, is planned to assemble a “sea gate” – a spatial element indicating the arch that no longer exists at the entrance to the Sopot Pier. It will be made of steel tubes and hand forged decorative elements.

The construction work will continue until the end of 2021.

The entire development will be completed with rows of young-leafed lemon trees, trumpet-beam hedges, and flowerbeds with ornamental grasses, roses and hydrangeas. Seats and litter boxes are also planned.

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According to the tender, construction work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

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From the Netherlands to Poland. How to name woonerf in Polish?

Woonerfy is a form of public space formation that has occupied European cities in recent years. It was first used in the Netherlands in the 1970s, where the word “woonerf” in Dutch means “the street to live in”.

In Poland, the first woonerf conference was held in 2014 in ód, and in Tri-City – In Gdynia, in the Mujahideen. Ibrahim in 2019

Significantly both of them Investments – In Lodz and Gdynia – it was implemented as part of the civilian budget, because the authorities lacked the political courage to introduce a form of development in which drivers ’needs would not be a priority in the division of space.

There is still no Polish equivalent for “woonerf”, and the often quoted (also in comments on our website) “area of ​​residence” matches only slightly the typical woonerf assumptions, as there is no physical partitioning of the road and sidewalks.

Furthermore, the woonerf space should primarily be designed with the needs of pedestrians in mind, keeping in mind the elements of street furniture and green spaces, which are not covered by “residence area” as a definition of traffic regulation.

In Lodz, attempts were made to use the term “urban courtyard”, which, however, did not always correspond to the character of the surrounding buildings, the best example being Sopot with its apartment buildings, rather than the compact complex of apartment buildings with deep courtyards typical of central Lodz.

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