The mayor of Katowice has appointed a city space aesthetics team. It included, among others, officials and representatives of the Academy of Fine Arts. The team provides opinions and recommendations, among other things, solutions in the field of arrangement of public spaces in the city and visual recognition.

The creation of the team came as a result of the cooperation of the Katowice authorities with the community of artists associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in the event that the city information system was saved. Katowice wanted to implement a SIM card full of bugs they were not consulted with anyone. When we wrote about it, designers and creators from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, as well as from other cities responded. Under public pressure, the Katowice authorities have appointed a team that works to improve the SIM card as much as possible.

Perhaps such incidents will not happen now. A few days ago, the mayor of Katowice appointed a city space aesthetics team. It is an advisory body. Its president was Vice President Valdemar Bogaron. There are several other officials on the team: Marek Shmiliuska (Head of Promotion), Justina Okacevic (Head of Social Media), Edita Sitniewska (Head of Culture) and Stanislav Budkainski (City Architect). The group representing the Academy of Fine Arts consists of: A. Grzegorz Hańderek (Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts), Dr. Anna Paul, Dr. Polina Orbiska and Dr. Love. Letsow recite. Completing the team is Marzena Janikowska of Zkad Zeleni Mejjeskij in Katowice.

The city space aesthetics team has the character of expressing opinion and recommendation in the field of: arrangement of the public space of the city, visual identification of the city, support of activities in the field of design in the process of formation of public space and support of the Katowice brand and cooperation with environments working in the field of visual arts and design.
The team meets at least twice a year. All of its members will be volunteers.

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