In New York State, the Order of Sr. Mandatory vaccinations For state officials, it will come into effect from Labor Day, which this year falls on September 6.

Compulsory vaccinations

Governor Cuomo also announced that health care workers who work with patients in public hospitals will be required to vaccinate. He encouraged New York local authorities and school district boards in areas with high rates of coronavirus to impose such a requirement on their subordinates.

The governor announced that he will consult and cooperate with the state’s public administration unions on vaccination or testing requirements. Some of these organizations have indicated their opposition to the requirements.

I encourage all local governments to do the same. He argued that this is reasonable, fair and in the interest of all of us.

different reactions

Representing 60 thousand State Employees Association of Civil Service Workers announced its support for Cuomo’s policy. A similar position was taken by the United New York State Teachers. However, stipulate that the tests are free and available on site.

The state police union said it was surprised by the governor’s suggestion. He expects more information and is considering legal action because the decree, in his opinion, changes the terms of employment.

President Joe Biden is set to announce a vaccine or testing requirement for federal workers, according to press reports. NBC said the president will announce this in his speech on Thursday.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged Wednesday that people who receive their first dose of the vaccine at city-run facilities will receive $100 on a debit card.

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Incentives help a lot. I think it would be very attractive to New Yorkers, said the mayor.

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