Creating the so-called Climate Quarter would be a new way of reorganizing the Kazimierz Krakow region. The idea is to organize the space between the streets of Detla, Greczigorzica and Wissa in a way that enables residents to meet all the basic needs of the neighborhood – without the need to use a car. The new arrangement of this region is to help in this way also in combating the negative impacts on climate and air pollution. The idea includes, among other things, the creation of a park under the flyovers with a bicycle path, and the reconstruction of Starowiślna Street and Wolnica and Nowy squares. As ukasz Franek – Director of the Public Transport Board – says Krakow is the first in Poland that wants to take on the job.

The Krakow authorities, in cooperation with the residents, want to create a climate neighborhood – a place where climate-friendly solutions are provided, and the residents of this region will be able to meet their living needs in the immediate vicinity, without the need for it. To travel long distances.

In 2020, Krakow joined Climate-KIC, an initiative supported by the European Commission and aligned with the European Union’s Green Deal policy, which assumes that European cities will achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

“The idea of ​​creating the Al-Manakh district is a result of the activities carried out by the city as part of the Zero-emission Kraków + project. It shows the need for a comprehensive and holistic approach to the problem of climate change” – explained Andrej Iziki, Deputy Director of the Municipal Economy Department at City Hall.

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Climate district will be built between the streets: Ditla, Grzegórzecka, Aleja Daszyńskiego and Vistula River. Its creation project aims, among other things, to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, which adversely affects health and life.

It is planned: to build the green Grzegórzecki Square in the immediate vicinity of the Agglomeration Railway Station, that is, a space that combines commerce, communication and leisure functions, restoring the residential character of Józefa Dietla Street, creating garden streets, revitalizing Wolnica Square, Nowy Square and Starowiślna Street.

This project is closely related to another revitalized area of ​​Krakow – Wissota, where the land and buildings of the post-hospital will be given completely new functions.

“We would like urban spaces to become more balanced in two respects: adapting to climate change and striving for climate neutrality, so that Krakow is not the so-called heat island and the city does not have a negative impact on the environment, but also adapt to the situation related to the development of Fast Rail Agglomeration and the new station Kraków Grzegórzki SKA “- Kraków Vice President Andrzej Kulig stressed.

It will take several years to create a climatic quarter. Currently, the costs are difficult to estimate, as it will include many investment tasks that will be carried out by different municipal units. By 2023, city authorities want to: define the needs of residents and businessmen, conduct social research and participatory workshops, define the function of the chosen squares and streets, and design and start rebuilding at least part of the municipal infrastructure in this area.

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