The second season of “The Witcher” Summer 2021? Unfortunately, there is no longer a chance for that anymore. Netflix’s Ted Sarandos gave the approximate return date for the series, as well as the third season premiere of “You”.

“The Witcher” and “You” are among the most popular series on Netflix, so it’s no wonder questions persist about the release date for new episodes either way. Ted Sarandos, one of the heads of Netflix, provided details when providing information about the platform’s results in the first quarter of 2021.

The Witcher Season 2 – Premiere in Fall 2021

As we read on LimitThe next season of “The Witcher” and “You” is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021, that is, between October and December. In the same period, the fourth season of “Cobra Cay” will be released in addition to two great films, “Red Notes” and “Escape from Spiderhead”.

In the first part of this year, several projects that we had hoped would have rolled out earlier were put on hold due to post-production and COVID delays. We think we’ll return to a more stable state in the second half of the year. Sure, in the fourth quarter we have the seasons of some of our most popular series like “The Witcher”, “You” and “Cobra Kai”, in addition to some movies that will be a little late for what we wanted, like Ted Sarandos said: “Red Notice” and “Escape.” From”.

“The Witcher” finished production of its second season at the end of March. As reported by Netflix, the shooting took 158 days and took place in 15 different locations in the UK. 89 cast members and approximately 1,200 crew members participated.

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As for the third season of “You”, it is unofficially known that the shooting is about to end. This was suggested by the series’ host, Sera Gamble, who provided the front page of the script for the last episode on Instagram.