Clairvoyant Krzysztof Jakovsky shared his latest vision regarding the future of Poland and the world. But this time, contrary to previous visions, the clairvoyant is focusing on one character from the Polish political scene: Matthews Murawiecki.

The clairvoyant Krzysztof Jakovsky, in his last vision, made an attempt to identify the ideas of Matthews Moraveki. As visionary from Człuchów argues, the method he uses allows you to capture someone’s thoughts. Armed with the image of the prime minister, Jakowski convinces his viewers and listeners that Morawiecki will soon step down, replaced by an unknown figure who hasn’t yet emerged in government. It will be the beginning of chaos.

I note: This is a vision, not my evaluation. My review is apolitical“- says Jackowski at the beginning.

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Clairvoyant Krzysztof Jakovsky reveals what the prime minister thinks

“I have the impression that Mr. Murawiecki is a well-known figure as Prime Minister, not of Mr. Kaczynski’s type. He is also not of the type of many members of the current government coalition. Mr. Murawiecki appreciates that two people, two men stronger than the rest of the Law and Justice Party. That’s how I feel.” – Jakovsky claims to be clairvoyant.

He referred to the times when Morawiecki took over as prime minister after Piata Szidloo. According to the clairvoyant, he was well prepared for this as he implements a carefully planned vision in advance.

Two men standing next to him. I don’t think they are from the government. Everything the prime minister does is closely guarded by these two men. I have the impression that the Prime Minister of the Law and Justice Party is an independent person and I will use the word untouchable. In the Law and Justice Party itself“.

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The next three to three months will be a period of tough decision-making by the prime minister. Polite, but sometimes ruthless. But beware, I have the impression that at some point, I cannot rule out that it will be replaced this year. This will happen for two reasons. I have a feeling that the harsh decisions made by the prime minister will lead to many people being negative about him. I get the impression that it will be an exchange of photos. The prime minister will do what he must do and be replaced by the “faceless”. If this happened, it would be surprising, because he would be someone little known, and would not be prominent in the Law and Justice Party, in the entire coalition.– Jackowski reveals. In his opinion, Matthews Murawiecki knows all this very well.

The prime minister knows very well that such an exchange will take place. this is what I feel. But when there is change, and when the new Prime Minister rules, the Law and Justice Party will start to wobble as well. There will be more and more talk of the potential collapse of this alliance– he adds.

He explained that the change in the post of prime minister will be difficult for the government and may affect the development of political chaos.

Jakovsky: Morawiecki’s departure would be the beginning of chaos

This could mean that at the end of the summer, perhaps in September, the current alliance may be in danger of breaking apart. Abandonment of power. But this will happen under circumstances where early elections are not mentioned. There will be political chaos“.

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“At this point, Morawiki had the command in his head to execute what he is now, conquer all the rebellions, and somehow pacify. And he will find that path – he already has. He will achieve what he is. When he leaves, it does not mean that he has failed, just Realize what is meant, and after him, a weak and uncharacteristic person will herald the coming political chaos.– Claims Jakowski.The prime minister is thinking of everything that includes: Poland, Germany, the Benelux countries, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and the Slovaks. The countries he thinks about, in all this mess, have common political intentions“.

I felt this sentence: “We cannot fight by half measures. We are fighting.” We must fight quickly and hard“Insight said mysteriously.”It would be stupid to say: The prime minister is thinking about preparing the rations. I feel the prime minister knows this year will be more turbulent than it was last year“.

In his opinion, Murawiecki is concerned:Europe will split, and this division may have something to do with America. Something breaks, yellow comes out, pus. The summer will be very turbulent. Moraveki has anxiety in his head like fear. Thoughts on June 14th“.