On the occasion of Children’s Day in Gniezno, several initiatives of many cultural entities have been implemented in recent days. Among them there were also smaller events that were not widely publicized in the media, such as the “Przestrzeń” Foundation event in the Garden of Three Cultures.

– “Space” always appears in unusual places and circumstances. Today, as part of Children’s Day, we are gathering children for Olga Miśkiewicz, but we are also mobilizing children to discover their talents. They don’t have to be musical or artistic talents, we encouraged kids in gymnastics, in movement sections, we also looked for skills that we shouldn’t call talents, but that raise our self-esteem and change our perception of the world

— Explained by Dominika Sochacka-Drzewiecka.

Among the attractions prepared was in the first place Games and fun Movement: walking under the rope, various types of gymnastics or combined gymnastics. To stimulate creativity, the youngest participated in the drawing of a train, colored with chalk, and sang with the members of the institution well-known songs from Disney fairy tales.

It was also happening during the event charity event. All donations raised will go to the parents of Olga Miiewkiewicz, a young woman from Gniezno who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (muscular atrophy of the spine).


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