Jason Crump will have bad memories of Monday’s Premier League meeting between Wolverhampton Wolves and Ipswich Witches. The experienced Australian fell into thirteenth gear and, as it turned out, suffered numerous fractures.

Artur Babic

Jason Crump

Instagram / jasonpcrump / Pictured: Jason Crump

It looks like Jason Crump could have a very successful season in the Premier League. The first match of the Ipswich Witches showed that he could be the captain of his team. This was also the case in the next match against Wolverhampton Wolves.

Although Crump’s team was clearly losing in the duel with the “Wolves”, he was the only competitor who was able to snatch victory for his opponents. However, he was not able to show his full potential, because in his penultimate start, in the thirteenth heat, he had a fatal fall.

Ipswich Witches reported via social media that Jason Crump has fractured at least five ribs and must remain in the hospital. At the moment, there is no more information about his health.

This is not the best news for both the Ipswich Witches and the Plymouth Gladiators. The Australian was portrayed as the leader of these teams. Ipswich has already announced that Scott Nichols will replace him at the next meeting.

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