Up to 125 passengers on board the plane that took off from Milan to the northern Indian city of Amritsar, Tested positive for COVID-19. All travelers say they have negative test results before departure.

“There is no conspiracy”

On Thursday, when the plane from Italian I landed at Amritsar Airport, Indian Authorities stated that infected passengers and . will be isolated He will be in quarantine in the hospital. However, it turns out there was a strange situation along the way.

When they were transferred from Airports to a secluded place, A group of about 10 people managed to escape.

Ruhee Dugg, an Indian airport employee, spoke to CNN with a surprise. “They were supposed to go into quarantine, and they came home,” describes Doug. From his account, it appears that he exists The police have already begun tracking down the fugitives.

The ill-fated flight arrived in India on Thursday, January 6, around 4 a.m. local time. In accordance with the procedures in force in the country, all passengers traveling on this chartered aircraft must Tested for COVID-19.

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It turns out that Of the 160 passengers, 125 tested positive. Panic broke out at the airport. People were angry. They explained that before boarding the plane in Italy, they had to show a negative test result. – How do we get positive results after an eight-hour flight? It’s impossible, said one passenger, citing Indian Express.

However, the Indian services confirmed that the testing was done in accordance with the regulations. – We tested all the passengers and there were many who tested negative. There is no plot Doctor Amritsar Charanjit Singh said.

Infection peaks in India

Meanwhile, it has been reported up to all over India on Friday 7th January 117 you. New cases of COVID-19. This is the highest daily number of infections in nearly seven months. According to various estimates, since the beginning of the epidemic in India More than 480,000 people have already died.

Source: CNN, Onet.pl

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