Scholarships are a reward for what you have already achieved, but also an incentive to further develop your talents. We are counting on you – said Minister Przemyslav Kazarnik during the award ceremony for the scholarship holders of the Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Science.

You have received these evangelical gifts and put them to good use. You owe it to your parents, teachers, educators and the circumstances in which you grew up – added the MEiN President.

During the ceremony, Minister Przemyslav Czarnik also noted the role of patriotism in the context of the current situation in Europe and the world.

– What is patriotism in your version? It is a diligent performance of daily duties. Learning, acquiring knowledge and education to serve the nation in the future. We hope that this new world that is being born will, above all, give opportunities, but we must be prepared for all the circumstances that we will face,” said the Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslav Ksarnik.

The ceremony for the awarding of diplomas to scholarship holders of the Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Science was held at the Lublin District Office. The event was honored with the performances of the winners of this year’s edition of the National Competition for Young Singers and Vocal Ensemble “Debiuty” and the Youth House of Culture No. 2 painting in Lublin. The event was also attended by Lublin’s Director of Education, Theresa Misiuk, and Lublin Voivodeship, Lech Sprauca.

Scholarships for the most talented students

The Prime Minister’s Scholarship is awarded to an educational school student
In the daily form, which allows you to get a matriculation examination certificate. The scholarship is awarded to one student in a particular school who has been promoted with distinction, has achieved the highest grade point average in a particular school or was particularly gifted in at least one area of ​​knowledge, and has achieved the highest results in it, and at least good results in other areas of knowledge.

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434 people have received scholarships from the Prime Minister of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. During today’s ceremony, 139 students received awards.

The Education and Science Scholarship (to the Minister responsible for Education and Education) may be awarded to a student of a public and non-public youth school, a second-level industrial school, non-public and post-secondary school, for outstanding educational achievements, and in particular:

  • International Olympiad laureate or laureate and finalist in a state Olympiad or tournament;
  • Laureate of a scientific work competition organized by a scientific institution or scientific association;
  • A high school student with the highest academic results according to an individual program or pathway of study;
  • A student participating in classes at one of the universities provided for in the course on the basis of the provisions of the study regulations regarding the conditions for the participation of outstanding talented students in the classes provided for in the course;
  • A student who has achieved high scores in sports competitions, both nationally and internationally.

The amount of the scholarship is PLN 3,000 in one payment. 550 students were honored, including 26 students from schools in the Lubelskie Voivodeship. MEiN has allocated 1,650,000 PLN for the payment of scholarships.