Recruitment for this year’s international edition began online and ran from October 19 to November 16. The workshops for the winners began on Monday, January 11th.

According to the announcer, many interesting and genre-related projects have been submitted, ranging from political, war and horror films to documentaries, science fiction, comedies and dramas.

We are also pleased with the great response from other countries, including France, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. In total, we received 180 projects – 110 from Poland and 70 from abroad. Now is the time to start developing selected projects under the auspices of well-known producers Leszek Podzak (producer of the “Kroll” series) and Piotr Wukasz Designchio (producers of the series “Crook. Whispers After Dark and Klangor”) – explains Anna Rosalska, Director of Original Production And participate in CANAL +.

The projects that will participate in this year’s edition are: “Miracle License” (Poland) – Author: Arkadiusz Antosz; Sister Jane (Poland) – Author: Marcin Lebowski; Jean Paul (France) – authors: Laura Lambert and Blanche Pigot; The Guardian (Hungary) – Author: Mihaly Schwichtje.

Sixth Edition partners are Studio Canal TV, M7 Group, and Kino Świat. The program is also sponsored by the Polish Screenwriters Guild.

The sixth edition consultant is Matteo Dars, creator and director of film development programs such as First Cut Lab, Pop Up Film Residence and Full Circle Lab. Presenters will include: Producers and Script Advisors Naomi Livari and Mabathu Kao.