In early November and December 2020, a public consultation took place under the title “Where for residents on Karczunkowska Street?” In Ursynów. As a result, recommendations were formulated to create a Place of Social Activity (MAL), and a team of architects developed a concept for reconstructing and arranging the pavilion and developing the surrounding area. The recommendations contained in the report will be used by the district council during the implementation of the project under consultation. MAL at ul. Karczunkowska will be launched by the end of 2021.

Residents suggested creating a place that would integrate the local community into the former grocery store wing. The Ursynów County Office, the owner of the ward, took the lead and organized public consultations. Their goal was to clarify the residents’ expectations regarding the creation of a local activity place (MAL) at the proposed site.

As part of the consultations, telephone interviews were conducted with residents of Southern Jeziory, an online survey and a consulting hotline were launched, and paper questionnaires were delivered to mailboxes of about 400 properties. There was also an online workshop / meeting with residents and a team of architects.

Ursynów County Office wants to acquire MAL at ul. Karczunkowska was an open space for the local community and created a space for them to take their own initiatives. Therefore, during the consultations, residents were asked to present their vision of business and finance law, where they can broaden their interests, learn new things, meet people with similar interests, spend time with their families in a fun way, implement their ideas, hold meetings, and start various projects. They were also asked about their expectations for the MAL, who the program offer should be directed to and what needs it should respond to, what principles the space should function, and how the space should be organized inside and outside the MAL.

According to residents, the planned MAL should be, above all, a friendly, open, accessible, warm, cozy and neighborhood surrounded by greenery. The participants in the consultations (mostly residents of Itap county) want the place to be open to all Jeziorek residents.

Southern Jeziorek community is diverse – residents vary in age and length of stay. Many elderly people and young families with young children live in Jeziory. The last group is divided into families created by ancient Jezurik residents and immigrant families. This results in the most important function that the MAL must perform at ul. Karczunkowska – a meeting place and neighborhood integration.

Based on residents’ opinions collected in questionnaires and face-to-face interviews, the architects team developed three variants for the reconstruction, arrangement and development of the pavilion. During discussion, during the online meeting, the final concept was chosen, assuming the reconstruction of the existing wing, complete with construction of a passageway and covered terrace, and use of movable partition walls within the wing. Outside, a fenced green recreation area will be created, which will also be a safe children’s play area.

With regard to the format of MAL activities and its program presentation, it is recommended to ensure the longest possible operating time of the place and its overall accessibility to residents, to involve an experienced animator in activities that integrate local communities and to develop a detailed presentation of activities in cooperation with the cultural center of the district and the site of local activity in the mujahideen. Kayakua. The consultation report is available at

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